Holbox Island Fishing Tour

Holbox Island is found at the northeast point of México’s Yucatan Peninsula. Here we find one of the best shad habitats. It is a wonderful place to fish for this species; and it is barely known to tourists Come to this paradise and fly fish for shad. Here in the mangrove lows you will find not only shad, but snook as well. The migratory fish are the reason why Isla Holbox is a world-class fly fishing destination. The migratory species (fish pods) are abundant in the coral caves of Holbox Island. This island is where the Gulf of México meets the Caribbean Sea, therefore producing a vast amount of plankton for the fish to feed on. The fishing is good all year, especially when the conditions are favorable, however, the most recommended season is during June, July and August.

There is also an abundance of Cobia (black kingfish, etc.), Bonefish, Red Snapper, Permit (Great Pompano) and Jack Mackerel. As expert guides we will gladly tend to you, being specialists in sport fishing and, above all, natives of Isla Holbox who have lived on and fished the island for many years. The fishing spots are located from about 20 min. to an hour from the main beach. On average a fishing excursion will take about 6 to 7 hours, but it is also possible to contract additional hours. At the end of the fishing trip the boats will take you back to the main beach or wherever you want to go.
Duration: Approx. 4 hours. Starting time: 8 am.
Requires: Reservation well in advance
Duration: Approx. 5 hours. Starting time: 7am.
Price: (about $80 to $90 USD) per person
The fishing boats are 26ft, equipped, comfortable, safe and at the same time easy to maneuver. For deep sea fishing there are 30ft fishing boats at your service. Los sitios de pesca se encuentran entre 20 minutos a una hora de distancia de la playa principal o desde el hotel que usted desee.For those who don’t fish, you will not be bored, as there are an abundance of flamingos and other birds around the edges of the island.