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Holbox in Mayan means "black hole," named after the tiny lagoon in the southern area of the island.The bottom of this lagoon is dark, giving the impression of being black.

Very close to the sky there is a small place named Holbox Island , its inhabitants live outside the busy world of large cities, the essence of a fishing village who walks the streets of sand, is a Island full of friendly people.

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Hotels in Holbox

Holbox offers small hotels, some with a touch of elegance, others with a rustic and simple feel. Because it is a small island, the majority of hotels are just a few feet away from the beach and very close to the central plaza, where you will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the hospitality of Holbox’s residents. More information about Isla Holbox.

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Activities in Holbox

Get to know the principal points of interest Isla Holbox has to offer with this boat tour.
First, you will visit Isla Pajaros (Bird Isle) to admire a great variety of birds in their natural habitat.
After that we will take you to Yalahau Lagoon where you can swim in its natural, crystalline waters. Finally, you will visit Isla Pasión (Passion Isle) where you can take in the gorgeous beaches with clear, calm waters, palm trees and an assortment of birds, such as the flamingo.

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Holbox Hotels
A great factor for the success of Holbox it because their hotels have perfectly blended modernity of the lodge offer with the magic of a peaceful and friendly fishermen’s island.
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tours and activities

Activities & Tours
There are a wide variety of activities thanks to the vast diversity of natural resources, landscapes and tropical scenarios that boasts Isla Holbox, such as the famous swim with the whale shark tour, snorkeling, fishing and much more.

Houses and apartaments for rent

Apartments, Suites & Houses
Isla Holbox, authentic Caribbean paradise, located in the North of Quintana Roo, wonder of nature, island of natural beauty in the State of Quintana Roo, and Mexico’s great natural ecological reserve. 43 kilometers of white and soft sand beaches.

IMAGES and photos

Photo Gallery
Enjoy some of the best images from Holbox Island, the island in addition to its beautiful beaches, has an incredible natural wealth. Just a taste of the beauties found on the island

Maps for Hobox

How to get there
For those who want to get to Holbox, there are transfer services on public and private basis; we however recommend using the service of transportation from Cancun or Riviera Maya. We take you to the door of your hotel!


Originally, Holbox was inhabited by small Mayan groups who set up security posts that, as silent witnesses, are still standing in the coast of Quintana Roo. Founded in 1873, people are dedicated to fishing since then.

Whale shark swiming tour

Whale Shark Watching TOURS
This is one of the favorite Holbox attractions. While visiting this incomparable island, you can enjoy a wonderful day snorkeling with the largest fish in the world, the impressive "whale shark." This gigantic fish is harmless and lives on plankton.

According to scientists who work in this area, the waters surrounding Holbox Island have the highest concentration of whale sharks in the world.

Take advantage of this opportunity and swim with these friendly animals that measure up to 42 feet long. This exciting ride is led by local fishermen specially trained for these tours. The best season to experience this incomparable activity is between the months of May and September.

About Holbox

Visit Holbox, enjoy Mexico Holbox island covers an area of 40 kilometres long and 2 wide, with 34 miles of beaches splendor where the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea come together in shades of blue and green streaky a multifaceted range of colors turquoise.

Holbox It is located off the coast north of Quintana Roo at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. The island, despite not having services such as banks, shops established or nightclubs, has become a tourist state of Quintana Roo, emerging in a place that offers rustic boat rides around its coastline and Laguna Yalahan As well as other of its main features are its beautiful scenery, its colonies of seabirds and good restaurants where you can enjoy excellent seafood.

To move may rent a bicycle, a golf cart, a boat or a kayak and explore the natural beauty of the Caribbean island, as the quality of its human inhabitants is recognized by the kindness and good treatment it receives who visit the island of Holbox . Another major attraction of this tropical paradise, is the Nature Reserve of the Biosphere "Yum Balam" between green mangroves where you can see iguanas, pink flamingos, pelicans, rabihorcados, cormorants and terns, while in the crystal clear waters, dolphins, barracuda, blankets, sea turtles and even whale sharks were sighted with relative ease.

Holbox offers incomparable sunsets that can be seen from the most gorgeous beaches; it is an exotic place full of attractions. Here you can get excited about being in direct contact with nature or, if you prefer, simply relax.On this island, you will find plenty of romantic and charming bungalows that will offer you all the delightful pleasures of the typical Caribbean lifestyle.How get to Holbox island?

Whale Shark Watching TOURS